MWR- It’s MY business

Today is the first day of Women’s History Month and I am proud to be a woman. Through everything, I’ve been through I wouldn’t ask for a better life than the one I am living right now. I have a wonderful support system of family, friends, frenemies, and Facebook groups. This year I made goals for myself. I haven’t done goals in years because I didn’t want to be disappointed if they didn’t come to fruition, but this year I said no matter what, I was making goals and sticking to them. I was going into this year guns blazing and hair slanging. I made a resolution to be a better version of the person that I currently was. I felt like I had so many things to offer to the world around and why was I holding on to all of that because I was afraid I would fail. My first business venture, Eventful Memories, is an event planning service and although I do a lot of charitable work like giving out lessons and advice, it was not wildly successful. I thought about dissolving it and moving on to the next thing. I did. I didn’t stop doing business but I did stop accepting clients. I was down on myself because it didn’t launch like I thought it should. But that’s life right? Nothing will ever go as planned unless you’re in control of what’s being done around you. This year, I assisted in giving someone an eventful memory and I got two potential clients.

Today, I also posted the Phenomenal Woman of March. She’s currently telling me how happy I’ve made her. That’s what I’m all about. I love seeing love. I love love. I love how other people feel just by feeling some sort of love. I told her, “It’s my business to make you happy.” This is true. Totally Loving Me is a portion of Eventful Memories (I knew I didn’t dissolve my business for a reason, I just didn’t know why at the time). Totally Loving Me is about love and support of women, especially women of color, in a society that mislabels and judges us but they don’t know us or about our struggles. If you’ve clicked on the link that leads you to “The Kindred Foundation” and you’re wondering what in the world is it. The Kindred Foundation started out as being a charitable organization to assist women in the country who are struggling with needs for their business or education.

I’m all for villages, tribes, and sisterhood. I believe it’s my business to ensure that our community is able to see it and the power of it. So I made it MY BUSINESS.

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