MWR – Chadwick and Michael

Dear Chad and Mike,

I hope I can call you that. I am writing to tell you guys that while you were so dope in Black Panther. I’ve seen it twice. I just want you to know the second time I saw it I had to ogle Winston Duke. As a lover of all men thick, HE GOT ME! I understand he lost the fight for the throne and he returned home I was secretly waiting there for him to tell him he was still my King, okay?

I know this movie was all about you two but I mean c’mon man. You can’t expect this single, Black fertile woman to not recognize a future baby daddy or husband when she sees him. Now, let’s talk about how he’s 6 foot 5 and easily could have whoop Chad’s behind IRL, but for the movie, he had to take the backseat. I’m cool with that, it just meant that I had to go watch the movie again so I can be 100% sure I saw what I saw.

I’ll stop lusting for a moment and tell you guys that this was Winston Duke’s debut film and I don’t think he could have made a better debut. Black Panther was all about Black excellence and Black Power. I loved every minute it. So I guess this isn’t really a rant but just a way to say. WINSTON, I SEE YOU BOO!

Y’all enjoy the rest of your week!

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