My Cousin said…

My cousin Jeremy said, “Ladies there is a thin line between knowing your worth and being straight difficult.” With that said, I agree. I see so many women on my Facebook TL, Twitter, and Snapchat, talking about how a man gotta do this and gotta do that. Ladies, let’s put on our big girl boots and do some stuff on our own. Sometimes we, I included, push good men away because of the attitudes we have. Ladies, we do have attitudes, but as I’ve said in a previous Post (There was a time) women are allowed to have attitudes sometimes. I don’t mean allowed as in it’s my attitude I can say what I want; that’s being difficult.

I’m a feminist through and through. I’ll tell you over and over again. I don’t live by society’s standards of what a woman’s place is because a woman does not have a place if a man does not have a place. I just think some of us abuse the feminist concept and try to manipulate it into what we want all in the name of feminism. That’s unfair and then when people like my cousin come along and tell us the truth, we throw out terms like Toxic masculinity. Our behaviors are just as toxic, let us not forget that.

If you aren’t ready to be in a relationship where you give it your all then date around. It’s okay to go on a date with Jim on Monday and Ryan on Wednesday. Don’t force one man to be your man when you’re not ready to be his woman.


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